Victory Baptist Church was formed in December 1975. Since then, God has richly blessed it as the Church’s first pastor, Dr. Ben Wharton took an uncompromising stand on the Word of God and grounded the congregation in Bible doctrine.

The ministry of this Church is centered on preaching of the Word of God, and we have no apology for using the King James Bible in all our church meetings. We also believe that the local church is to work for the glory of God, to seek to reach sinners, and to endeavor to encourage and help the saints of God.

Victory Baptist Church is an old-fashioned, independent Baptist church. We stand on the Book, on the blood, and on the blessed hope. We want to lift up Jesus Christ in everything we do and say. We serve an old-fashioned Lord and our music, our message and our methods all point people to salvation through the blood of Jesus Christ.

My sincere desire is that this local church be a true witness of the grace, forgiveness, peace, love, and joy which is abundantly available through our precious Saviour. This is “His” church. It is called by God, begotten by Jesus Christ our Lord, and sanctified by the Holy Spirit. My prayer is that all that is done at Victory Baptist Church would be done to magnify and glorify Him.

Pastor Todd Brown